Baby Caleb and his pack

by {Jennifer Murray}

March 17, 2018

The soft click of my shutter didn’t disturb him one bit. I gently move him into position while talking with his new parents, Brianna and Andrew, softly. The white noise under him kept him sleepy and even though there was snow outside it was plenty warm there in their living room. Their two sweet dogs every so often came to check out what I was doing and to softly touch Caleb with their cold noses. They would return to the cozy spot on the floor just behind me, watching every small adjustment I would make with Caleb. Brianna and Andrew would call them, they would sit eyeing me, but just a squeak, only a small one, would bring them right back to check to make sure everything was alright. They were sweet and taken with Caleb. No doubt they had already made a bond with their tiny human.

I smiled as Caleb began to stretch and move a bit. I saw instantly the husky slowly and sofly move towards me sweetly. I patted her gently, one hand resting on her the other on Caleb, reassuring her all was well before beginning again. This was the norm for the next couple of hours. A stop here and there for a quick nursing fill up. Only for Caleb to return as before to softly sleeping squeaking baby and the sweet pups near and constantly alert making sure all was well.

I smile even now. And I know even as he begins to get bigger that those two sweet pups will be his forever friends. They already share an unspoken bond that will only continue to grow leaps and bounds just as Caleb does.

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