The Sweetest Moment

by {Jennifer Murray}

February 20, 2018

I stop. The soft morning colors became more vivid with each moment. I smile behind my camera, the wind gently blowing past my sun kissed face. The couple standing just feet from me. I can’t help but feel their joy.

The joyful happy couple hold each other close and smiled at one another affectionately.Their trip here had been a long one. Not only the drive but also the journey.  Her sweet husband brought his hand to her beaming face and touched her brown hair gently, brushing her soft blowing flyways to the side. He leaned in eyes closed, softly touching his head to hers. They held onto each other, the love radiating outward.

I smile, the camera shutter clicks. Again I stop I take in their sweetness with each other. He kisses her forehead, smiles, looks in her eyes and sweetly and softly says, “Your going to be a great Mom.” My camera shutter clicks again. What an amazing moment to be apart of. The joy, the love, the beginning of a new chapter.

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